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Why You Need To Eat Arctic Buzz in the Winter

Colder weather is upon us, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from enjoying the creamy, boozy, frozen nectar of the gods (obviously we’re talking about Arctic Buzz). Here are a few reasons why and how you should eat Arctic Buzz in the winter.

Your Ice Cream Won’t Melt

Melting Ice Cream Cone Arctic Buzz

Eating ice cream in the winter is a lot less anxiety-inducing. Why, you may ask? Because you’re no longer in competition with the hot sun threatening to melt your frozen treat all over your hands before you get the chance to enjoy it. So throw on your jacket and gloves, grab your Arctic Buzz, and take a long, romantic, maybe buzzed stroll outside. You’ll have all the time in the world to indulge in that boozy, milky goodness.

Ice Cream Soothes Sore Throats

Unfortunately, the dreaded common cold and sore throats are inevitable in the winter. But nothing feels better on a raw, scratchy throat than some cool, smooth ice cream. And it definitely tastes better than nasty cough syrup. Also, vodka totally kills germs, right? Next time you’re sick, remember the doctor’s orders: 1 scoop of Arctic Buzz Ice Cream taken daily.

Arctic Buzz’s Amazing Seasonal Flavors, duh.

Arctic Buzz Seasonal Flavors

Perhaps the most important reason you should eat ice cream during the colder seasons is because it’s the only time you can enjoy Arctic Buzz’s delicious seasonal flavors. Get in the holiday spirit with the North Pole Nog, Candy Cane Lane, or Pumpkin Pie flavors. (Check out where to buy them here.)

Now you that you have some reasons why winter ice cream consumption is pretty much necessary, here are a few ways you should do it:

Ice Cream in Winter Arctic Buzz

1. Top your Arctic Buzz with some hot sauces. To clarify, we don’t mean Sriracha… that’s gross, and your taste buds would probably be really confused. We mean hot fudge, caramel sauce, raspberry sauce, etc. For some sauce inspo, check out these recipes!

2. Fall and winter are prime seasons for rich desserts like pies, apple crisp, warm brownies, etc. The only thing that can make these sweet dishes better is adding a scoop of Arctic Buzz on top. Or try a hot chocolate float using Vanilla Arctic Buzz. It’s basically a match made in heaven.

Why Eat Ice Cream in the Winter Arctic Buzz

3. We could go on and on about how, where, and when to eat Arctic Buzz in the winter, but we’ll leave you with the easiest and best way: make a bowl of your favorite Arctic Buzz flavor, wrap yourself in a blanket cocoon, and snuggle up on the couch or by the fireplace for the coziest, booziest, most delicious winter night.

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