Super Bowl Desserts Arctic Buzz

Super Bowl Desserts with Arctic Buzz

People tend to get wrapped up in the chicken wings and beer on Super Bowl Sunday that they forget what truly matters: dessert. If you look at the facts, dessert is the true MVP on this important yet anxiety-inducing U.S. holiday. As the game draws nearer to an end, and you’re at the edge of your seat – or maybe standing a few inches from the TV screen – your stress levels grow higher and higher. Sweets help reduce that anxiety, however, by lowering the stress-related hormone glucocorticoid (read about it here if you don’t believe us). Anyway, enough with the science-talk; what we’re trying to say is you need to eat dessert on Super Bowl Sunday, specifically Arctic Buzz desserts.

Check out these 21+ recipes below for Super Bowl Sunday stress-relieving sweets!

Super Bowl Sundaes

super bowl sundae arctic buzz

-Vanilla Arctic Buzz (or your favorite Arctic Buzz flavor)
-Sauces: chocolate, hot fudge, strawberry, caramel, marshmallow, etc.
-Whipped cream
-Nuts, M&Ms, brownie bits, etc. (really any preferred sundae toppings)

-Place a few scoops of Arctic Buzz into bowls
-Throw on all your favorite sundae toppings and enjoy!

Super Brownies

Recipe adapted from Taste of Home

super brownies arctic buzz nutty brownie

-Vanilla Arctic Buzz
-1/2 cup butter, cubed
-1-1/2 cups sugar
-4-2/3 cups semisweet chocolate chips, divided
-3 tablespoons hot water
-4 large eggs
-5 teaspoons vanilla extract
-1-1/2 cups all-purpose flour
-1/2 teaspoon baking soda
-1/2 teaspoon salt
-2 cups coarsely chopped macadamia nuts or pecans, divided

-In a large saucepan, melt butter with sugar over medium heat. Remove from the heat; stir in 2 cups chocolate chips until melted.
-Pour into a large bowl; beat in water. Add eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition.
-Add vanilla to mix. Combine the flour, baking soda and salt; beat into the chocolate mixture until blended. Stir in 2 cups chocolate chips and 1 cup nuts.
-Pour into a greased 13×9 baking pan. Sprinkle with remaining chips and nuts. Bake at 325° for 55 minutes or until the center is set. Cool on a wire rack.
-Slice into squares, serve with scoop of Arctic Buzz & enjoy!

Frozen Footballs

Recipe adapted from Rust and Sunshine

frozen footballs arctic buzz ice cream pops
Image courtesy of

-2 quarts Vanilla Arctic Buzz
-2 packages of chocolate chips
-1 cup white chocolate chips (1/2 package)
-7 tablespoons sweet almond oil

For Arctic Buzz football bars: Line a cake pan with parchment paper, let Arctic Buzz thaw a bit in container. When thawed, spread the ice cream with spatula or large spoon, making it as smooth and even as possible. Cover with plastic wrap and place in freezer until frozen solid
-Line an empty cookie sheet with parchment paper and stick in freezer
-Once ice cream is frozen solid, lay a cutting board on top of the pan and flip it over. Gently pull on parchment paper, if needed, to release ice cream from pan.
-Using a football cookie cutter (step 3 of this recipe shows you how to make one yourself), quickly cut out footballs from the ice cream slab. Slide spatula under each bar before removing the cutter, and transfer to the empty, frozen cookie sheet.
-Gently push on top of the ice cream bar to release it from the cutter. Once cookie sheet is filled with bars, place in freezer for 10 min.
-Form a smaller slab with the leftover ice cream and repeat the football bar cutting process (to get the most bars out of your Arctic Buzz)
-Carefully slide a popsicle stick into each bar. Once sticks are in, cover pan in plastic wrap and place in freezer until frozen solid again

For chocolate shell: boil a pot of water, pour two bags of chocolate chips and 6 tablespoons of almond oil into a heat proof bowl that’s large enough to cover the pot of water
-Set bowl of chocolate chips and oil over boiling water until chocolate is completely melted. Remove bowl from heat.
-Allow chocolate mixture to cool to room temp. (anywhere between 70-78 degrees)
-Pour a spoonful of the still liquid chocolate over each ice cream bar (only work with a few at a time, keeping the rest in the freezer so they don’t melt). Repeat as needed for each until the ice cream is completely covered by chocolate. Place each batch back in the freezer when you’re done.
-Mix 1/2 cup of white chocolate chips with 1 tablespoon of almond oil, heat over boiling water. Let cool, then pour into pastry bag (or zip-lock bag with tiny bottom corner cut off). Decorate each bar with laces and seams.
-Store in covered container in freezer until ready to serve.

Super Bowl Ice Cream Sandwiches

Recipe adapted from Brit + Co.

ice cream football sandwiches
Image courtesy of

-1 box brownie mix (and ingredients it calls for)
-1 3/4 quarts Vanilla Arctic Buzz
-9 oz can of white decorating frosting

-Follow touchdown brownie here.
-Once brownies are done and cut into football shape, remove Arctic Buzz from the freezer. Line a pan with parchment paper and spread ice cream into the pan, place in freezer until frozen again.
-Take ice cream pan out of freezer, flip onto a cutting board and cut out football shapes using the same cutter you used for the brownies.
-place ice cream football between 2 brownies. Place each sandwich back in freezer for 30-40 minutes.
-Take out of the freezer and decorate laces on top brownie with white frosting/icing. Serve and enjoy!

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