Aurora borealis (Northern lights) in the Arctic

Where Is the Arctic and What Do You Do There?

Okay, guys, we all know that Arctic Buzz is the coolest alcohol-infused ice cream out there. Fact. But the “Arctic” in Arctic Buzz also implies a whole lotta cold. When you hear “Arctic”, you immediately think snow, polar bears, penguins, and freezing temps. But do you know where the Arctic actually is? Based on the fact that a lot of people can’t point out anything on a map, we decided to give you some help.


Where is the Arctic?


The Arctic is basically the north pole. That’s right, Santa lives somewhere in the Arctic. The northernmost part (pole) of earth is the Arctic and the southernmost pole is the Antarctic or “the opposite” of the Arctic (ant- is an ancient Greek word which meant “against” or “opposite”). #SATwords

Unlike the Antarctic, which obviously includes Antarctica, there’s no single landmass in the Arctic. Instead a bunch of countries have joined forces Avengers-style to create it. Parts of Alaska, Finland, Greenland, Iceland, Northern Canada, Norway, Russia and Sweden, plus the Arctic Ocean, all make up the Arctic. Cool. 😎


What do you do in the Arctic?

Well, besides indulge in Arctic Buzz? First, let’s address the elephant, err, penguin in the room–or lack thereof. Unfortunately, there are no penguins in the Arctic. Why, you might wonder, then do we have a penguin as our mascot. Well, young scholar, just as vodka and ice cream were made better by getting together, we believe the Arctic would be made better with penguins! But unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans.

So you’re not going to see penguins there IRL, but there’s a whole host of other amazing things to do and see:

Go whale watching in Alaska.


Ride in a sleigh pulled by actual reindeer in Finland. Yes, they’re real.


See the Northern Lights in Greenland.


Swim through the tectonic plates where the North American and European continents meet Iceland.


Make friends with a polar bear in Norway.


Kayak through Iceberg Alley in Canada.


Take a road trip over a frozen lake in Russia.


The Arctic is pretty amazing! If you can’t make it there any time soon, you can still get your cold fix close to home with some Arctic Buzz.


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