Five Reasons Why You Should Stock Alcohol-infused Ice Cream in Your Freezer for Christmas Eve

1. The combination of holiday shopping, dealing with your family, and company-wide ugly Christmas sweater parties is starting to take its toll.

We get it. If you hear “Dominic the Donkey” play in a department store one more freakin’ time while you’re last-minute shopping, you might start hitting the eggnog early. So your family doesn’t begin to worry about your mental health this holiday season, crack open a carton of alcohol-infused ice cream so you can get buzzed without being judged.

2. Be single and thrive.

No “plus one” at the aforementioned holiday party? Not to fret. Schmooze your boss, duck out of there early, hit the couch with some Netflix, and cuddle up with two scoops of delicious booze. Or more.

3. Christmas cookie ice cream sandwiches

While Blue Bell may have released Christmas Cookies ice cream, we think we can take this combination to a whole new level. Take some real Christmas cookies–or any kind of holiday cookies if you’re into that non-denominational stuff–and make your own boozy ice cream sandwiches by the fireplace.

4. Make your own $100 ice cream challenge

Okay, maybe not $100’s worth of ice cream, but I’m sure you’ve got enough holiday candy and sweets to make some awesome Christmas-inspired desserts. Desserts that will also get you buzzed. Instead of Sour Patch Kids ice cream, crush up a candy cane or a cookie or something.

5. Enjoy Trump’s newest federal holiday.

Love him or hate him, we’ve all now got another federal holiday. And what’s a good way to celebrate federal holidays? Drinking and eating ice cream. Now in one convenient carton!

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