5 Best Places to Enjoy Arctic Buzz

Vodka-infused ice cream is definitely a unique treat. Is it an alcoholic beverage? A dessert? Both? Where are the best places to enjoy something like this? Not to fret. Below are five suggestions on where to get your buzz on.

1. Weddings

Give your wedding a kick of fun by having the event staff put a scoop of Arctic Buzz in the champagne before the toast. It’ll taste delicious, be an unexpected surprise for your guests, and loosen up people enough to get them to the dance floor.

2. Sporting events

Ice cream and baseball go hand in hand. But so does kicking back and having a drink! There’s nothing better than having a cold one at a baseball field on a hot summer night. Make it even more relaxing by making that cold one ice cream.

3. Girls nights in

You don’t always have to go out to have a good time. Watch some TV, kick back, and enjoy some Arctic Buzz at home with your friends as you unwind.

4. Bachelor and bachelorette parties

Sick of the dinner, booze cruise, and strip club routine? Liven up the pregame with ice cream and booze. Seriously. How can you not be in the mood to celebrate when there’s ice cream and booze around? Be the *best* best man or maid of honor by whipping out this surprise treat before the night even kicks off.

5. Wherever and whenever you want

The best part about being old enough to consume Arctic Buzz? No rules! Except for maybe open container laws. Consume responsibly. But, really, it’s ice cream. Enjoy it wherever the hell you want to. Like your office building.

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