What Your Favorite Arctic Buzz Ice Cream Flavor Says About You

We try not to base our business decisions on astrology here at the Buzz offices, but, well, horoscopes are fun to read. And sometimes they’re terrifyingly accurate.

Through our rigorous research and development in the office–we did convince our team that it’s okay to eat Arctic Buzz during meetings, after all–we’ve stumbled upon a highly scientific discovery.

Our favorite flavors of Arctic Buzz tell us even more about our personalities and identity than our horoscopes do. You could be a Pisces, thinking you’re into all of these creative and empathetic pursuits, but if your favorite flavor is chocolate, well, you’re more traditional and rigid than you think.

Read on to see what your favorite flavor(s) says about you.

Cookies & Cream

arctic buzz cookies and cream ice cream

You obsessively love the traditional in life, but you also like to be surprised by something new every once in a while. You’re a good balance to most of your relationships, and there’s a part of you that enhances everything and everyone that comes into your presence. Your personality is rich and full of life.


arctic buzz raspberry ice cream

You’re sweet, but you’ve got a lot of moxie. Even though you always speak your mind, people respect you for it. You go well with many different kinds of people, whether they’re traditional and staid or a bit more spontaneous.


arctic buzz chocolate ice cream

You’re a stickler for the classics, and no one is going to tell you otherwise. You have a bold personality, and the things you hold as truths in life are sacred. Almost everyone loves you, and if they don’t, you’re going to let them know they’re wrong.


Vanilla arctic buzz Ice Cream Scoops in a Bowl

You’d rather stay home and watch Netflix with bae than go out to a loud club. You like to have fun, but your idea of fun is spending time at a coffee shop rather than a rave. You also love the classics, but you’re a bit more easy-going than your chocolate counterpart, being open to new experiences and ways of doing things.

Birthday Cake

Birthday Cake Ice Cream

You celebrate life to its fullest. Nothing will get you down. With a bubbly and festive demeanor, you always see the positives and cheer people up with a colorful burst of energy and smiles.


coconut ice cream arctic buzz

You enjoy the beach, warm weather, and you want everyone around you to just relax and appreciate the present moment. You serve as a breath of fresh air during intense situations, always reminding everyone to keep calm.

Key Lime Pie

Lime ice cream in a white bowl close up arctic buzz

You’re zesty and spontaneous–a bit like raspberry, but you’re more fun at parties. On the surface, you may appear soft, but as people scoop deeper into your personality, they’ll come to realize you’ve got a bit of zing to you.

Pumpkin Pie

arctic buzz pumpkin pie ice cream

You love family holidays, and you give amazing hugs. You might not be a brainiac, but you always bring a familial vibe wherever you go. Pairing well with any personality, people appreciate you and look forward to spending time with you.

Your warmth and welcoming vibe never go unnoticed.

North Pole Nog

arctic buzz egg nog north pole nog ice cream

Your personality is the definition of cinnamon, spice, and everything nice. You’re eloquent, and you know how to accessorize.

You’re fine being by yourself, but you really come to life when others are around.

Candy Cane Lane

arctic buzz peppermint candy cane lane ice cream

You’re really quite sweet, but you have a streak of immaturity in you. If someone keeps annoying you without letting up, you’re bound to become sharp with them.

We hate to say it, but you can also be quite cold. Your presence is refreshing, but sometimes you come on just a bit too strong.

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