Ice cream companies are apparently running out of ideas…

Or they’re just plain crazy. We usually refrain from directly calling out competitors, but these ice cream flavors are just too gross to ignore. So it’s time to throw down.

Instead of focusing on producing quality products, ice cream companies have been churning out (pun very much intended) flavors for shock-value that don’t even sound appetizing.

I guess it works for press, but we’ll take Arctic Buzz’s Cookies and Cream over butter ice cream with chunks of lobster in it any day. Thanks to our friends at HuffPost and Ranker for the flavor inspo.

Check out the weirdness below.

Lobster Ice Cream

image courtesy of Taste Terminal

Buttery, rich, savory, succulent–not exactly how we want our ice cream to taste. It looks like someone blended up a lobster roll and some ice.

Garlic Ice Cream

image courtesy of ABC

You know that pungent smell that fills the air in a pizza place? The one that sinks into your clothes and doesn’t leave your breath? Someone thought, “hey, let’s add that to ice cream.”

Octopus Ice Cream

Image courtesy of Kotaku


Breast Milk Ice Cream

Image courtesy of The Guardian

First almond milk, then oat milk, macadamia milk… we thing the alternative milks have gone too far.

Fish and Chip Gelato

image courtesy of The Food Pornagrapher

Okay, this one actually looks pretty good. But looking good and tasting good are two different things.

Buffalo Wing Ice Cream

Image courtesy of Perry’s

Someone at Perry’s really loves chicken wings.

Mustard Ice Cream

Image courtesy of Mythical

This image says it all.

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