How to Throw a (21+) Ice Cream Social

It’s a Friday evening, you’re bored, you wanna get your drink on, but maybe you also don’t want to leave the house… what do you do? You throw an ice cream social, of course.

People underestimate the power and party of an ice cream social. Maybe it’s because they associate these sweet shindigs with children’s parties or strictly as summertime events, but we’re putting an end to those falsities. Ice cream socials are for anyone, anywhere, at any time of the year. Don’t let anyone ever tell you otherwise.

Now that we’ve established that you should absolutely host an ice cream social, let’s talk about how to properly throw down.

arctic buzz flavors

1. Get your Arctic Buzz (duh)

First things first, you have to stock up on Arctic Buzz in preparation for your ice cream social. If your friends catch wind that you’re planning on serving regular, non-boozy ice cream, no one’s going to show up. We suggest purchasing all seven of the Arctic Buzz flavors if you can, because the more Arctic Buzz flavors, the more fun–obviously. Plus, your guests will love having options. Additionally, you may want to buy a few containers of each flavor if you plan to have a lot of guests (the Arctic Buzz cartons aren’t that big). Find out where you can purchase your Arctic Buzz here!

arctic buzz ice cream social decorations ice cream in a glass

2. Decorate

Once you’ve secured the Arctic Buzz, it’s time to set up for your ice cream social as you would for any other party. Instead of worrying about which wine glasses (or red solo cups) to use, you need to focus on ice cream cups, bowls, and cones. If you don’t want to do dishes after the party, check out this sundae kit complete with disposable ice cream cups, spoons, straws, etc. Everyone loves a good cone, too, so make sure to pick up a box of ice cream cones at the grocery store. If you’re trying to get fancy, you can set out wine/cocktail glasses for the ice cream instead; it is alcoholic ice cream that you’re serving after all.

Lay out all these goods on a table that will serve as your sundae bar. To spice up the table even more, you could set out baked goods and other snacks as well as confetti and the likes. Lastly, if you’re really looking to decorate the house, you can find fun banners and ice cream cone decorations here.

ice cream with toppings for arctic buzz

3. Choose your toppings

Toppings are almost equally as vital to your party as the Arctic Buzz is. They can, however, get overwhelming as you prepare for your ice cream social because the options are seemingly endless. But, of course, Arctic Buzz is here to cure your anxiety with a topping shopping checklist.

Get Nutty:
Make it Fresh:
-Maraschino cherries
-Shredded coconut
The Sweet Stuff:
-Whipped cream
-Gummy bears
-Chocolate chips
-Mini marshmallows
-Oreo/cookie/brownie bits
-Graham cracker crumbs
-Candy bar pieces
Saucy time:
-Hot fudge sauce
-Caramel sauce
-Strawberry sauce
-Marshmallow sauce
-Butterscotch sauce

arctic buzz ice cream booze party

4. Throw in a little booze

As mentioned earlier, many believe ice cream socials are for children, but we’re debunking that rumor with one simple solution. Alcohol. It’s not an adult party if there isn’t wine and liquor involved. So, in preparation for your Arctic Buzz social, set out some booze that goes well with ice cream like:
-Champagne (check out our Raspberry Champagne Float recipe here)
-Red & white wine
-Vodka cocktails (goes great with Vanilla Arctic Buzz)
-Rum/rum cocktails (goes great with Coconut Arctic Buzz)

Boozy milkshakes are also never a bad idea or try a White Russian shake (blend 2 oz. Kahlúa, 1 oz. vodka, 1/2 cup Vanilla Arctic Buzz, 1/4 cup milk, 1 cup ice on high for 20-30 seconds)

people eating arctic buzz and drinking wine

5. Get Buzzed

And finally, once everything is prepared and your guests have arrived, the Arctic Buzz-eating and booze-drinking may commence. Also it’s not really a party if there aren’t drinking games involved. Try out something like an Arctic Buzz taste testing: blindfold your friends and have them try different flavors of Arctic Buzz. If they guess wrong, they have to take a shot.

Follow these five steps, with emphasis on the fifth, and we guarantee your Arctic Buzz ice cream party will be a hit. And to all those people who think ice cream socials are either old-fashioned, for children only, or a summertime event, you better change your minds or you’re not invited.

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