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How to Convince Your Boss that Arctic Buzz is Suitable for Work

It’s 3:33 PM on a Friday. Not quite the weekend yet, and not the beginning of the week either. You’re dragging. It’s time to start the weekend.

You’re daydreaming about the beaches portrayed in Arctic Buzz’s awesome lifestyle videos, wishing you worked there instead of an office with fluorescent lighting.

But then you remembered that you had the forethought to pick up some Arctic Buzz on your lunch break, and just sitting in the freezer at work.

You may have a congenial work atmosphere like we do at the Buzz offices, or you may not. Either way, it’s usually frowned upon to consume alcohol at work.

But it’s late on Friday, and we’re nearing the summer, so let’s get the whole office to celebrate the weekend just a smidge early, while getting your Buzz on responsibly, of course. Here’s how you can convince your boss that a little bit of Buzz at work is a great idea.

Scoop some into coffee

Coffee and Arctic Buzz

Affogato, anyone? Tell your boss about this fancy new coffee plus ice cream drink you learned about and want to share with the team (an affogato is literally just a scoop of ice cream in coffee). It’s a new cultural experience for everyone! Why use French Vanilla creamer when you can put REAL vanilla into your later afternoon wake up call?

Try a new recipe

smoothie recipe arctic buzz

There’s someone at everyone’s job who is one one of those programs that requires them to replace meals with a shake. If you’re lucky, and they brought in a small blender, grab some frozen fruit, kale, fresh fruit, whatever your heart desires, and blend that sucker up with some Arctic Buzz.

Our flavors pair great with all kinds of fruit. That, plus the calcium you get from the dairy component, makes this almost healthy. Either way, most people love trying new recipes, but don’t often have the time, so you’ll be providing a great service. The shot of vodka is an added bonus. Check out some more flavors to use in your ice cream smoothies here.

Suggest a taste test

Texture of pink creamy ice cream seeing from above arctic buzz

Did you have the forethought to get more than one flavor of Arctic Buzz? Of course you did! Good news for you is now you can suggest that everyone sample this amazing product before you take it home for the weekend.

This is a one time only opportunity that your boss and coworkers just have to take advantage of or miss out. It’s exclusive, and can’t be missed! No one will be able to pass up “just a taste.”

Throw an impromptu party

Somebody’s birthday? Cake in the break room? Even if there’s not, make one. If there’s nothing obvious to celebrate, our little friend, Google, is great at telling us what holiday it is on any given day. Today, for example, is National Chocolate Custard Day. And chocolate Arctic Buzz is a pretty good substitute for chocolate custard, in our opinion. So put that party planning committee to work, throw up a few streamers, and help your team celebrate the every day holidays.

We’ve got Birthday Cake flavored ice cream, too.

So, there it is. Now you can successfully enjoy any flavor you want during work, just by creating some fun little celebrations. Enjoy!


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