How to Up Your Dessert Game with Alcohol-Infused Ice Cream

Want to become more woke with your dessert game, as the kids are saying these days? You could try whipping up matcha soft serve or mochi ice cream or some keto lemon curd, but we here at Arctic Buzz think there just might be an easier way to relax after work. Or *at* work. Not like your boss would even know…

Hot take: put alcohol inside your ice cream. Vodka. Boom. A little technical term for you: we call this “infusing” the ice cream with a spirit. It’s an incredibly high-level concept, and it might confuse you a little at first. That’s okay. Take some time to process what’s going on here.

We don’t want you just running off and plopping some run of the mill vanilla ice cream into a blender with some Natty Light and calling it a day. We tried this. We may have even ran some focus groups with area frat houses. Although we won’t admit to that. Long story short: the results were not good for anyone involved.

So we decided to do the hard work ourselves instead. And yes, this post is a blatant advertisement for our alcohol-infused Arctic Buzz ice cream. But it’s awesome, so we want to tell you about it. We took vodka and we mixed it with ice cream. Flavors like cookies and cream, chocolate, raspberry, birthday cake, and more. Maybe the Museum of Ice Cream will create an exhibit as we release more flavors and liquor infusions. But that’s a post for another day.

So go ahead. Take off that button-down and crack open a container of Arctic Buzz. Find retail locations here.

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