Why These Seven Ice Cream Flavors Taste Better with Vodka

Certain flavors come to mind when the average consumer thinks of ice cream. Vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, strawberry… the usual. We thought of these, too, but we thought we could do a little better. So we combined them with vodka. Not only did we infuse some classics with vodka to make alcoholic ice cream (no, not ice cream for alcoholics), we also added some gourmet flavors to the mix. Sure, Ben and Jerry have some interesting flavors, but try mixing them with premium flavored vodka. We’ll wait.

See why each of our flavors pairs best with vodka:

1. Cookies and Cream

Oreos. Next question.

Instead of pairing them with milk, take a nod from the dude and prepare yourself a White Russian. Dunk away. You’re welcome.

Maybe I’m an alcoholic, a binge-watcher, and I eat too many cookies. But there’s nothing quite like dipping an Oreo into a strong White Russian and sitting down to watch TV or a movie after a long day.

As you can see, a little bit more than flavor theory and food chemistry go into our research and development process.

The combination of liquor and ice cream represents a lifestyle. And we abide.

2. Key Lime Pie

An episode of Dexter taught me that for key lime pie to be authentic, it has to use canned condensed milk and come from Key West. We believe in authenticity here at Arctic Buzz. And we also believe in, well, getting buzzed.

So, let’s think about some iconic drink combinations that’ll get us buzzed. Rum and coke. Vodka-cranberry. The Moscow Mule.

Okay, now we’re getting somewhere. What’s in a Moscow Mule? Ginger beer, limes, and yes, vodka: sweet, but tart and refreshing-with a bite. We took that bite and made it even more intense with a shot of vodka.

I’m going to be honest. I’m not sure how well that Dexter reference ties in here. But for some reason it got me thinking about Moscow Mules and Key Lime Pie-flavored ice cream with vodka mixed into it, so I’m not complaining.

3. Raspberry

I think we all have a story that relates to a particular liquor. For me, it’s raspberry vodka. It went down way too easily, and to be honest, I’d like to leave it at that. But it was damn good at the time.

Raspberry’s flavor notes include a subtle sweetness complemented by the hint of a tart surprise. The fruit is sweet, but it brings forth a little bit more than that–a combination that complements the vodka kick and intensifies the overall experience.

Having a scoop of our raspberry vodka ice cream kind of reminds me of having a vodka-cranberry at the bar but from the comfort of my couch. Oh, and with ice cream. So it’s obviously better.

4. Vanilla

A classic flavor. Almost too classic, like it’s longing for something more.

Don’t get us wrong–we love vanilla. It’s sweet, it’s rich, and it can be mixed with anything and still taste great. Which is why we decided to add our premium vanilla vodka to it. Vanilla’s like… the perfect basic bitch who just needs that one more accessory.

Or, like, fresh cream, vanilla vodka, pure gourmet vanilla extract, and Madagascar beans. Same thing.

5. Birthday Cake

It’s time to celebrate the wasted white girl inside all of us. Whether you’re white, black, Asian, Hispanic, a member of The Blue Man Group, a man, a woman, something else-whatever-have a freakin’ shot of vodka and a slice of cake. Be relevant and say “yass” or something. It’s your day.

Gifts and cakes have been known to increase happiness in the human population. Arctic Buzz’s Birthday Cake compounds the effects that shit.

Birthday cake makes people feel good. Vodka makes people feel good. Is the combination excessive? Yes. We’re not kidding anyone here. We represent a company that combines liquor with frozen dessert.

Time to be true to ourselves. 💁

6. Chocolate

PSA: We want to get chocolate wasted. That is all.

7. Coconut

I’m cuckoo for-[redacted on the questionable recommendation of our crack legal team].

Piña coladas, warm weather, pools, fruity and sweet flavors. Add vodka. You’re getting the gist of it. Good flavors taste better with the addition of other good flavors. Especially when those flavors complement and improve each other.

Here’s a gif of Rachael Ray smashing a coconut.

Want more? Read about what goes into our flavors.

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