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Five Reasons Why You Should Try the Booziest Ice Cream on the Market

Alcohol-infused ice cream is getting a ton of buzz right now, but the real buzz comes from the Arctic–Arctic Buzz that is. Here’s why there’s only one boozy ice cream that deserves a spot on your freezer shelf.


1. We have the highest amount of alcohol per container, and you’ll actually taste it.

Our flavors range from 6% to 9% alcohol by volume (ABV), making Arctic Buzz the booziest ice cream on the market. This means there’s one to two shots of vodka in every serving, depending on the size of the container.

Some other alcohol-infused ice cream out there contains only .5 percent ABV, placing it more in the category of ice cream that taste likes booze rather than boozy ice cream. It’s kind of like drinking a non-alcoholic beer.

If you ordered a mixed drink, you’d want it to have a little kick, right? We agree.

2. We’ll be at your favorite events.

We’ve got some big debuts coming up soon. We’re partnering with the Frisco RoughRiders baseball team, as well as Trader’s Village in Texas.

…And some even bigger things lined up that we can’t quite talk about yet. 😉

So if you’re not too far from the Lone Star State, and you want to kick back with some ice cream, baseball, and booze, come say hi! We might even have some free samples for you.

3. We offer flavors that pair well with anything a reasonable person would want on a sundae.

What’s the most popular ice cream flavor? Probably vanilla, right? It goes with everything–pie, brownies, even waffles. There’s just something classic about ice cream made with the real vanilla madagascar bean. The same goes for chocolate ice cream. Why mess with a good thing?

We think adding vodka was the perfect compliment. Simple and delicious. But if you really want to get wild, we have some awesome dessert flavors like key lime pie, birthday cake, and cookies and cream.

Check out our full list of ice cream flavors here. You won’t be disappointed.

4. We’ve got some experience.

In 2014, Arctic Buzz was born.

One night we were eating our feelings, as usual, binge watching The Bachelor, and we realized that eating ice cream by itself simply wasn’t enough. Staring at our nearby shelf, the bottle of vodka beckoned to us. We wanted to feel something more.

So we put it in our ice cream and figured out how to make it stay there without melting.

We could tell you about conventions and link to cool articles that have been written about us, but we’d rather just talk about what we bring to the freezer aisle:

Seven classic ice cream flavors that will actually get you buzzed.

5. We have a raunchy brand rep we like to call “Bad Grandma.”

Even Grandma wants to get a little tipsy in her old age.

See for yourself:

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