Arctic Buzz 30 Second Recipes

30-Second Arctic Buzz Recipe Videos

Admit it, you’ve spent a little too much time glued to your phone watching Facebook and Instagram recipe videos that leave your mouth watering but your mind thinking “yeah I’ll probably never make that myself.” Thankfully, Arctic Buzz is here to provide you with three recipes so quick and easy, you’d be a little ashamed of yourself not to try them. So mosey on over to the kitchen, break out your Arctic Buzz, and whip up one of these delicious drinks in literally 30 seconds.

Raspberry Champagne Float

You don’t need a special occasion to drink some bubbly, you just need Arctic Buzz. So get a little fancy and fun by following this super easy recipe (like seriously, it doesn’t get easier than this).

-2 scoops Raspberry Arctic Buzz
-berries for garnish

Cafe Du Buzze

Coffee, alcohol, and ice cream. Don’t know about you, but we’d definitely call that a tasty trifecta.

-2 scoops Vanilla Arctic Buzz
-1.5 oz white rum
-1.5 oz coffee and rum liqueur
-mint leaves for garnish

Chocolate Coconut Daiquiri

Whether you’re sitting poolside in the Bahamas right now or stuck at home on your couch daydreaming that you are, a coconut daiquiri is always a good idea.

-2 scoops Vanilla Arctic Buzz
-1 oz. coconut rum
-chocolate pieces
-chocolate syrup

See? So quick, so simple, so delicious, so boozy. Come on, ditch Facebook for a second, grab your ingredients, and chef it up! You got this!

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