15 Gifs That Show Why Staying In Is Better Than Going Out

Going out and letting loose is fun now and again, but staying in and getting your buzz on with close friends can be even more fun.

1. You don’t have to deal with this dude.

We’ll dance in our living room instead!

2. You’ll get to avoid the crowds.

Elbow room, anyone? These people are probably really sweaty, too.

3. You can actually have a conversation with your friends.

At your house, you don’t need to scream over randos.

4. You don’t have to leave the comfort of your couch.

Just look how beautiful it is.

5. No one will judge you.

You can drink as much as you want to without getting side-eyes or concerned looks from people.

6. You can be messy.

Spillers rejoice. Your home; your mess.

7. You have complete portion control.

Feel free to make that drink as stiff or watered down as you like.

8. You don’t have to wait for service.

No waiting for the bartender to pay attention to you. Pour away.

9. You’ll notice things about your place you never realized before.

Exploring your house buzzed can lead to some interesting surprises and projects.

10. You can be as anti-social as you want.

Just sit in your chair with people who you want to surround yourself with. Introverts, we’re looking at you.

11. Again, your drink can be as strong or light as you like.

One, two, three… how many shots was that?

12. There’s no cover to remain in your living room.

Could it really be free?

13. No one will try to make awkward small talk.

You can just save everyone the trouble.

14. Easy access to food.

Waiting by your toaster oven is a lot nicer than freezing outside of that late-night pizza spot.

15. Do you, boo.

You can get cozy with your favourite pair of yoga pants in a judgment-free zone.

Treat yourself to some Arctic Buzz on your next night in–the perfect buzz for a party or a random Tuesday.

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