8.7% ALC./VOL.

As good as it sounds…only better! Rich, fresh cream combined with real chunks of cookie and you guessed it…the addition of cookies and cream vodka!

Yes…it’s possible. 



8.6% ALC./VOL.

We have managed to marry two fan favorites, key lime pie and ice cream! Key lime vodka is perfectly matched with fresh lime and hints of graham cracker pie crust throughout to hit this one out of the park!




8.7% ALC./VOL.

Sweeten your taste buds with smooth hand churned fresh cream and raspberries followed by a kick of raspberry vodka.

This is both refreshing and decadent.



8.7% ALC./VOL.

This classic flavor is enhanced with fresh cream, vanilla vodka, pure gourmet vanilla extract and Madagascar beans. Perfect to enjoy alone or even better as an a la mode on your favorite baked dessert!




6.6% ALC./VOL.

Celebrate everyday with this fun and sweet, decadent treat! Birthday cake pieces, combined with creamy ice cream and birthday cake flavored vodka. Happy Birthday! 


8.7% ALC./VOL.

Could chocolate get any better? It can when you add chocolate vodka! Rich, smooth, fresh cream with real chocolate morsels and the perfect compliment of chocolate vodka.



8.9% ALC./VOL.

For all the coconut fans out there, this is your stop! Enjoy the taste of real coconut in this creamy treat perfectly mixed with coconut vodka and topped with fresh shredded coconut. We have brought vacation to you on this one!