Perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth but with a boozy twist, behold the newest must-have in your freezer; Arctic Buzz. Sean Dowling (@seandowlingtv) has more. Buzz60

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Arctic Buzz Is The Vodka Ice Cream Of Your Dreams

What do you get when you combine small batch vodka with creamy delicious ice cream? It’s called Artctic Buzz and it’s the deliciously boozy ice cream of your dreams.


This Vodka Ice Cream Could Give You A Buzz!

Boozy ice cream or other alcohol-infused desserts often have spirits that have been cooked down to remove their potency so that you don’t feel the alcohol too much. In other words, if you are looking to get toasty off of ice cream, you usually need to add the booze yourself and whip up a tasty Mudslide or another adult milkshake.

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Arctic Buzz: Vodka-Infused Ice Cream That WILL Get You Drunk

I feel like about once every one or two weeks I’m writing about some food that’s been infused with alcohol or weed of some variety or another. Ice cream is a particularly popular choice for this novelty, and it seems as though they all come with a permanent disclaimer: “This will not get you drunk/high.” Now, finally, there’s Arctic Buzz, a vodka-infused ice cream that will also get the job done.


The Arctic Buzz Ice Cream is Made with Real Vodka

The Arctic Buzz Ice Cream is positioned as a dessert that’s infused with real alcohol that will actually give you a bit of a buzz after eating a serving or devouring an entire pint. The ice cream is crafted in Baltimore, Maryland and features an 8.7% ABV that makes it like a premium cocktail to enjoy after dinner.


Arctic Buzz Invented The Vodka Ice Cream And OMG I Will Get So Drunk And Fat

My dream finally came true, i can now get drunk and eat ice cream at the same time! If you haven’t heard of Arctic Buzz before, you should. They make Vodka Ice cream and many other cool flavours by mixing alcohol and delicious frozen ice cream together. The company says it wasn’t an easy journey like many might think, it’s not like just taking some regular ice cream and pouring alcohol on it, this wouldn’t give you the desirable taste you seek.


This Vodka Ice Cream Will Get You Drunk

There are plenty of boozy ice creams on the market. The problem? They all lack one key element: they can’t get you drunk. If you want to get more than a brain freeze, you want Arctic Buzz, an ice cream brand out of Baltimore, Maryland, that makes vodka-infused ice cream that will make you tipsy. Read more at


Vodka Infused Ice Cream

Why didn’t anyone tell me there’s ice cream made with alcohol?!?! I feel like a newborn!

Arctic Buzz is a Baltimore-based ice cream company that is finally giving the people what they want: vodka-infused ice cream. While some companies opt to mimic the taste of alcohol, Arctic Buzz is using booze to flavor their wares. Read more at 96.1 Kiss Pittsburgh.


Geniuses at Arctic Buzz – and it’s not too strong a term to use in this case – have cracked the eternal problem of freezing vodka and have combined it with drool-inducing flavours such as cookies and cream and key lime pie.

If that’s not enough to get your stomach rumbling, the guys from the Baltimore-based company say they ‘work closely with a local distillery to create artisan flavours’ – but freezing vodka is impossible, right?



A Maryland company, ArcticBuzz, has given us the gift of combining vodka and ice cream to create the ultimate boozy treat.

An excerpt for the website reads: “If you have ever put a bottle of vodka in the freezer, you know the vodka wins every time. After working with several different recipes and numerous tastings, ArcticBuzz has cracked the code and delivers homemade, hand churned, smooth vodka frozen dairy dessert.”



Finally, an alcohol themed dessert that actually has alcohol in it. Arctic Buzz is a company based in Baltimore, that now delivers a line of six vodka- infused ice cream flavors. You can get them in styles such as milkshakes, root beer floats, and punch, for starters. The flavors include Key Lime Pie, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate, Raspberry, Vanilla and Coconut.



What is vodka frozen dairy dessert? It’s exactly what you think it is. Flavors like Key Lime, Raspberry, Vanilla and Chocolate that are made with correspondingly flavored vodka to make an adults only kind of ice cream. The flavors run between 8.6% and 8.9% ABV and come in 100 ml (3.3 ounce) tubs. Based in Baltimore, Arctic Buzz figured out how to make vodka bend to their will and actually freeze up to make this idea work.



One time, back when I was well below the legal drinking age, I picked up a pint of the now retired Ben & Jerry’s flavor Dublin Mudslide because the label led me to believe that it was made with Irish cream. I ate the entire container in one sitting in the hopes I’d catch a buzz, but after a stomachache and a bit of research, I discovered it actually contained less alcohol than their vanilla ice cream did.



You Can Basically Get Drunk Off This Vodka Ice Cream

There are tons of boozy desserts available these days, from Häagen-Dazs’ line of spirits-infused ice cream to Shake Shack’s limited-time Will and Grace-themed shake. And while those all sound delish, we haven’t seen anything yet that appeals strictly to vodka drinkers, until now. Read more on


Where To Buy Arctic Buzz Ice Cream

Whether your heart has just been broken or it’s just been a long week at work, alcohol and ice cream are the perfect pairing for any occasion. You may usually reach for wine to go with the dessert, but that’s only because you don’t know yet where to get Arctic Buzz, the vodka-infused line of ice cream with an alcohol content that might actually get you buzzed. Read more on

This Vodka-Infused Ice Cream Is The Boozy Dessert We’ve Been Waiting For

When you think of something that can instantly improve any meal it accompanies, it’s a tie between ice cream and booze. But now, there’s an even better option: You can have both at once, thanks to Arctic Buzz’s vodka-infused ice cream. Read more at

Arctic Buzz Introduces Vodka-Infused Ice Cream — and There Was Great Rejoicing in the Land

If you’ve been mixing booze into your ice cream with your own two hands like a dirty savage, a new Baltimore-based brand called Arctic Buzz is producing six varieties of vodka-infused ice cream that’ll please anyone with a sweet tooth who needs a drink. Read more here.

Clear Your Freezer: Vodka Ice Cream Is Here, and It’ll Turn You Into a Happy Drunk

After a night of drinking, what’s the first thing you do when you get home? For me, after the heels and sticky bra come off, I immediately open the freezer. Once I have my spoon and my ice cream, it’s go time. But the times are changing, and thanks to Arctic Buzz, waiting until the end of the night to feast on dessert has become a thing of the past. Read more here.

Where To Buy Arctic Buzz Vodka Ice Cream For A Boozy Dessert

If you’ve never really been one to believe that there’s always room for dessert, then you might think that the release of new ice cream isn’t anything special. Trust me, this newest must-have in your your freezer is made with a special ingredient that might just have you flipping your “meh” stance on desserts right on its head. After learning about this sweet treat, you’ll be looking up where to buy Arctic Buzz vodka ice cream so you can enjoy your dessert with a boozy twist. Read more here.

Vodka Ice Cream Now Exists, And It Will Actually Get You Buzzed

In certain parts of the world, some very smart people have been infusing ice cream with booze for a long, long time. Some countries like to douse scoops of ice cream with strong fruit liquors, or blend them together for a deliciously alcoholic milkshake Read more here.

Boozy Ice Cream That’s Perfect for Fall Might Replace Your Hot Toddy

Perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth but with a boozy twist, behold the newest must-have in your freezer; Arctic Buzz. Read more here.

Vodka Ice Cream Exists, and It’s Boozy Enough to Get You Buzzed

There are tons of boozy desserts available these days, from Häagen-Dazs’ line of spirits-infused ice cream to Shake Shack’s limited-time Will and Grace-themed shake. And while those all sound great, I haven’t seen anything yet that appeals strictly to vodka drinkers, until now.Read more here.

This Vodka-Spiked Ice Cream Will Soon Be Available Nationwide

Remember the days when you were forced to choose between dessert and booze? That’s all but a distant memory now, thanks to ice cream company Arctic Buzz. The Baltimore-based ice cream churner is making dessert taste like a late-night snack binge by fusing ice cream and booze into a singular dessert that will actually leave you buzzed.


Vodka ice cream that will get you drunk goes on sale… and dessert has never looked like so much fun

US company Arctic Buzz from Baltimore, Maryland, worked with a local distillery to create six flavours of tipsy dessert.


Baltimore company creates vodka-infused ice creams

Arctic Buzz worked with a local distillery to produce vodka flavours that are paired with the company’s flavoured ice cream, with six flavours currently available.

The boozy ice cream flavours include, coconut, key lime pie, vanilla, cookies & cream, chocolate and raspberry.


ArcticBuzz Vodka Ice Cream Will Actually Get You Drunk

Meet ArcticBuzz, the ice cream that will actually get you drunk off vodka. That isn’t just hyperbole either, you have to enter your birth date to access the ArcticBuzz ice cream website just like you do when you go to the website of other alcohol brands.


ArcticBuzz Brings Vodka and Ice Cream Together For a Boozy Frozen Treat

Growing up, the only time you might equate spirits with ice cream was when your uncle asked for Rum Raisin.  And recently, the trend of boozy milkshakes has been all the rage. Now, a new brand is bringing vodka to our favorite frozen treat.


Vodka Ice Cream Is Here To Be Your Ultimate Brunch Dessert

Baltimore-based company Arctic Buzz just released a line of six different vodka ice creams. Häagen-Dazs too. The alcohol content of the flavors varies between 8.6 and 8.9 percent which is about the same as two basic domestic beers. This is great for anyone who can never choose between a good buzz and a tasty sundae.